Day: May 24, 2021

Health Benefits of Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil and Fish OilsHealth Benefits of Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oils

Omega 3 cod liver oil and fish oils are used as dietary supplements. It is rich in vitamin D, minerals and several other nutrients that are vital for health. In fact, it is recommended that pregnant women take it in their diet because it helps to keep the infant’s brain healthy. The brain development of the baby depends on the mother’s intake of the nutrient – and consuming it during pregnancy ensures that your child grows up in a healthy manner. Moreover, it reduces the risk of degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, and other nervous system disorders.

The Benefits Of Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil And Fish Oils For Your Healthy Heart

However, there have been cases where people have claimed that consuming Omega 3 while trying to get pregnant has caused a lot of harm. This may be due to a misunderstanding – that fish oil contain harmful pollutants that can interfere with the baby’s development. Cod liver oil and fish oils contain DHA and EPA, the two essential fats found in fish. If you are trying to get pregnant, then one or the other of these fatty acids must be present in your diet. However, DHA is more prevalent – hence, it should be consumed first.

The quantity of DHA and EPA in the fish you use determines how healthy your dish would be. Since they are digested easily, cod is the ideal fish to cook with. However, a lot of people prefer eating the fish oil blended with other oils. The key to a good dish is balance. Too much of any nutrient will make the dish dry, bland and taste flat. On the other hand, too little of any nutrient will result in a bland, tasteless dish.