Day: April 27, 2023

IP address score

IP Address Score – A Key Factor in Determining Deliverability

IP address score – a key factor in determining deliverability

A positive IP address reputation is critical to email marketing success, especially when you’re sending out bulk emails. The higher your IP reputation, the better your chances of getting your messages delivered to subscribers’ inboxes instead of being pushed to spam folders.

IP Reputation – a critical part of email deliverability

A good IP address score can be influenced by several factors, including implementing effective email authentication protocols and using SPF and DKIM to prevent phishing attacks. Having a positive IP reputation is the best way to minimize spam complaints and build trust with mailbox providers.

Understanding IP Address Scoring: How It Can Help Protect Your Online Security

Having a bad IP reputation can be caused by many different factors, such as having a spoofed or hijacked email address, sending out malicious emails, and engaging in dangerous online behaviors. An IP reputation check can help identify these issues so you can take the necessary steps to fix them and improve your email reputation.

The IPQS network of threat intelligence analyzes a variety of data points to determine the risk associated with a specific IP. This includes Geo location, ISP, Connection type, Device details, Recent reputation activity, Overall fraud score, and more.

Premium Account Feature – Assesses if bots or non-human traffic has recently used this IP to engage in automated fraudulent behavior across the IPQS threat network. This gives you a stronger confidence that the IP is suspicious and provides additional context to help you classify risk and protect your business.