Day: August 11, 2023

BTC News – A Closer Look at Cryptocurrencies and BlockchainBTC News – A Closer Look at Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

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Cryptocurrencies and btc news have become a hot topic in the world of tech. From professional sports teams minting non-fungible tokens to new currencies popping up every day, the conversation is spreading to all corners of the globe. However, not everyone is sold on crypto and blockchain technology. The debate has even spilled over to Wikipedia, where editors are polarized on the subject. Some support it wholeheartedly, while others find that cryptocurrency and blockchain are a grift or harmful to the internet.

Bitcoin Watch: Tracking the Trends and News Impacting the World’s Leading Cryptocurrency

This week, Wikimedia Foundation announced that it would no longer accept donations in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies following three months of discussion with the community. This move is a clear signal that the foundation’s board and community are concerned about cryptocurrency’s environmental impact. In this episode of our btc news series, we talk with Wikipedia editor and “Web 3 Is Going Great” founder Molly White about the decision to stop accepting cryptocurrency donations. She also discusses her concerns over the future of a tokenized web and issues with the governance of the blockchain network.

In other btc news, Fidelity is expected to file for a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), potentially opening the door for institutional and high-net-worth investors to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, the founder of comparison site Finder shares how his company lost millions when a cryptocurrency miner in which it invested suffered a devastating 94 per cent share price plunge. And legal experts say FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s public statements may have hampered his defence in court as he faces charges of tampering with witnesses ahead of his October trial.

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