Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Facilities

ct alcohol rehab facilities

Connecticut alcohol rehab facilities provide long-term care. The program typically involves behavioral therapy, support groups, education, and holistic therapies. Residents are assigned to specific treatment plans that can be tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Often, the programs are also accompanied by relapse prevention planning. The goal of Connecticut rehab centers is to help patients recover from alcohol and drug addiction. The best facilities offer a continuum of care and emphasize evidence-based treatment.

How to Choose Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Facilities

CT¬†alcohol rehab facilities vary. While state-funded programs tend to be free of charge, private facilities often charge a fee. The cost of private treatment depends on the patient’s health insurance and whether or not they’re self-paying. Typically, Medicaid will only cover treatment at state-funded facilities. However, Medicaid assistance is heavily utilized – nearly a million people in Connecticut use Medicaid assistance each year. Consequently, there’s a long waiting list to get into a program.

Connecticut offers two types of treatment programs: outpatient care and inpatient rehab. The former involves undergoing a medical detox prior to starting rehab. Depending on the patient’s needs, each rehab facility offers a different treatment plan. Some of the treatment programs are covered by private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. It’s important to check with your insurance provider about coverage prior to starting treatment. While Connecticut alcohol rehab facilities are licensed to provide treatment, not every facility offers the same quality of care.

A holistic addiction rehab program uses a combination of therapeutic techniques to help patients recover from substance use disorders. These programs address the underlying problems that led to addiction and promote a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to help the patient lead a productive and rewarding life after rehab.

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