Got a Text About Money From the IRS?

Got a text about money from the IRS? The IRS is warning people to stay alert for scammers posing as federal tax agencies to try and trick them into handing over personal information or money. The agency has added a new tax refund scam to its Dirty Dozen list of common frauds. This time, fraudsters are mailing taxpayers a cardboard envelope that looks like it came from a delivery service along with a letter on official IRS letterhead suggesting it is in relation to their unclaimed refund. The letter then asks for detailed information that can be used to steal their identities.

Why can’t my identity be verified?

People should ignore any unsolicited emails, texts, or social media messages that claim to be from the IRS or a tax-related agency. The IRS will never call a taxpayer or leave a pre-recorded message demanding immediate payment or saying they face arrest, deportation, or other serious consequences.

The agency will also never send a text or email asking for login information to online financial accounts. If someone calls you asking for this information, hang up and contact the agency directly using a known phone number or website. Also, remember that the IRS does not accept gift cards or other forms of payment and that it will always ask for a check or bank account number to make payments. You can find these numbers and other helpful information about recognizing IRS imposter scams here. You can also get more info about how to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud with Aura.

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