How to Become a Sports Broadcaster

Whether on the radio or TV, Sports Broadcasters provide coverage for sporting events and share their insight. This career requires excellent communication skills and a strong passion for sports. They may travel for work and be required to report on games from the sidelines or the studio. Some are also responsible for analyzing and providing commentary before, during, or after the game.  Source

A college degree is often the first step for someone who wants to become a Sports Broadcaster. A quality program will teach students all of the necessary skills to prepare for the job, from analyzing and talking about sports to operating all of the controls in a broadcast booth. A good program will also offer hands-on experience through an internship, and connect students with professionals in the industry who can help them find a job after graduation.

Breaking Down the Play: The Language of Sports Commentary

While television and satellite broadcasting are the most popular methods of Sports Broadcasting, some still prefer to use traditional radio. Many high school students who believe that this career is for them can get a head start by participating in a pre-college summer program. These programs, like Dean College’s “The Sports Broadcasting Academy,” are hosted on campus for two weeks and include practice in their play-by-play broadcasting skills, a professional reel creation, and the opportunity to tour a stadium and attend lectures by professionals working in the field of Sports Broadcasting.

As a Sports Broadcaster, you are likely to travel, as you will be expected to cover multiple sporting events throughout the year. Some will stay at their station and report from the studio, while others travel with teams to broadcast live from the sidelines. You will also be required to conduct interviews with athletes and coaches, which require strong interviewing skills and the ability to elicit informative and engaging responses from your guests.

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