How to Succeed in Sports Broadcasting

sports broadcasting

When 축구중계 fans turn on ESPN, listen to their local sports talk radio station, or watch live sporting events on their television sets, it’s the sports broadcasters that give them the play-by-play action and commentary. They can make or break the entire experience for their audiences and are often as important to a sport’s success as its players or coaches.

The first recorded instance of what we now know as sportscasting took place in 1911, when the plays of a football game were recreated over the telephone for the benefit of people who couldn’t attend the actual event. Ten years later, the first televised sporting event was held, and sportscasters quickly became a vital part of a sports broadcasting team.

The Impact of Emotion and Passion in Commentary

In order to succeed as a sports broadcaster, it’s essential to have both the right education and on-air experience. While an undergraduate degree is enough for many positions, a graduate-level program in sports broadcasting or journalism is ideal if you’re committed to a career in this industry.

A Master’s in Sports Broadcasting prepares students for the professional arena by providing them with the skills and experiences to build a dynamic portfolio that will set them apart from the competition. Students in a Masters in Sports Broadcasting program can learn from top-tier professors and have access to the best technology and equipment in the country, including studios and production labs.

Sacred Heart University is located in the heart of the media industry, which gives our graduate students unparalleled networking and internship possibilities. ESPN, NBC Sports and MLB/NHL Networks are all within close proximity to our campus, making it easier for them to provide our students with the hands-on experience that will help to launch their careers in this field.

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