Re-Marking Drive Thru Markings

Drive Thru Markings

About Drive Thru Markings

The Drive Thru Markings is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world. During peak meal times, traffic in and out of McDonalds car parks can become hectic. That’s why it is important that clear markings are in place to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike.

However, when your car park’s stripe markings begin to fade as a result of weather or wear and tear it can lead to confusion for driver and pedestrians alike. If your car park has lost its clarity, it is probably time to resurface and repaint the markings.

Efficiency Redefined: Innovations in Drive-Thru Marking Technology

G-FORCE Tampa recently had the pleasure of working on a project to repaint pavement markings and re-mark a drive-thru for a new Tampa-area fast food restaurant with a drive-thru. Check out the pictures below!

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